Team Fundraising

Teams are a way to celebrate life and make a difference in the fight against cancer. A team is a group of six (6) or more people who pre-register for the race under a common team name. To register as a team, each member must complete an entry form. Each member runs/walks at his or her pace and is not required to stay with team members.

What is a Team?

What is a Team?

There must be a designated captain for each team. Team captains serve as the contact person or that team. We must have contact information to reach the captain if necessary.

We encourage all teams to raise a minimum of $200.00 in their team fundraising.

Why Form a Team?

Participating in Our Colors Run Together with a team multiplies the fun, the laughter, and maybe even the tears you shed on Race Day. Rally around someone you know who was just diagnosed, someone who has fought the battle, or someone who may have lost the battle. Together, with your friends, family and co-workers, you make an even greater impact than you could alone.

~ Teammates inspire and motivate each other before and during the race.

~ A team can allow you to provide moral support for a friend who is a cancer survivor.

~ By bringing friends and family into your team, you raise more money to assist cancer patients and their families in our community!

Tips For Building a Team

COMMIT TO TEAM FUNDRAISING - Times are tough. So is cancer. Fundraising is key. With the online fundraising link on the website, it’s easy. Remember, one hundred percent of all proceeds will help El Pasoans struggling with the financial and emotional burden of a cancer diagnosis.

Download the Pledge Form to keep track of your donations

ADVERTISE/PUBLICIZE/SOCIAL NETWORKING - Use the team poster, newsletters, flyers, emails, and social networking sites to recruit team members and for team and personal fundraising.

SET A GOAL & COMMUNICATE - Setting a team size and fundraising goal is important in getting your team started. Having a goal gives your team a specific number to strive for. Send regular emails to keep the team inspired and informed.

PERSONALIZE - Share inspiring stories with your team. Put a face on cancer and make the race personal. It will add to everyone’s commitment to participate and fundraise! Create team t-shirts or signs to carry Race morning.

Recognition Awards

Recognition will be awarded to the largest teams in the following categories:

Corporate Public School (Pre-K through 12)
Military Private School (Pre-K through 12)
Friends & Family University Challenge (Universities, Career Centers, etc.)
Non-Profit / Religious Health Care (Doctor's offices, Medical Suppliers, etc.)

Peter Piper Pizza - El Paso

Prices Dairy El Paso

Presentation by Peter Piper Pizza & Price’s Creameries for the largest K-12 school team. This lucky team will receive pizza and ice cream coupons!